En-wrap yourself in the sultry sounds of the Middle East and dance to the beat of a different drum

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Jeannette Daft's Dance Biography

Ballet, Spiritual, Modern -- Training and performing under Joan Majewski-Browne (former ballerina and instructor of Milwaukee Ballet) at the Amadeus Dance Company, West Allis, WI for seven years in the Ecole French (French School). She was also an instructor under her for four years. Jeannette studied modern and spiritual dance under Joan as well. Prior to that she trained under Carole Geraci (formerly of The Milwaukee Ballet) in the Russian Ballet Style for two years. And lastly, she studied under Lori Remito (formerly of The Milwaukee Ballet) for a year and a half in the French/Checetti method. Jeannette continues to teach ballet in the Milwaukee area. She also began her own style of Modern entitled: "Dismal Restless Phantom," a darker side of Modern in 2008. Jeannette is also a Pilates and Yoga Instructor.


African -- Jeannette is also an African Dance student with Patrice Nassalang (Director, instructor, and Performer of Jam Ak Jam, formerly of The Ko-Thi Dance Troupe) for the past eight years.


More GamesBellydance -- Jeannette is a Bellydance performer and instructor working with a strong base in Egyptian/Oriental style, although she does embrace other belly dance styles in her teaching and performances. She has studied American Tribal Style Bellydance from Tamarind AmericanTribal Style Bellydance for about two years under Jennifer Nolan. Jeannette studied under Samantha Fairuz for five years in the Egyptian/Oriental style, and was a member of Sahar Troupe for two years.  She has taken numerous workshops in many different styles of belly dance from all over the world. She has been teaching for 10 years in the Milwaukee Area. She performs constantly in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Michigan. She teaches workshops and performs in Arab World Fest, Milwaukee WI yearly. She is known for herDouble/Triple Sword Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Performances


She is extremely passionate about dancing... "I dance from my soul."